SkylineMP_10YearsAnnouncement and Introduction

          Mud Productions just turned 10 years old, so I'm celebrating by showcasing my 10 favorite assignments from the past 10 years. Additionally I'm offering 10 special discounts all month long. Click an image below to see the full story. I hope you will check back often and join the adventure. It's a better story when you're a part of it.

1.) This first post highlights three years of runway photography and why I liked working with this client. View this post.

2.) I got to take pictures from a helicopter, and then the pilot gave us a little surprise...  View this post.

3.) So this girl was getting married in Egypt and she asked me to be her photographer. Pinch me!

View this post.

4.) Designing movie posters has been one of the most rewarding parts of my career. It all started with a desire to propel my work toward filmmaking. View this post.

5.) My second international trip took me to the Cayman Islands for a wedding. View this post.

6.) A couple Virginia Tech fans wanted to spruce up the entrance to their wedding reception, and everyone went nuts! View this post.

7.) "Live United" was the first national campaign I got to work on. View this post.

8.) Inspiration for my next business idea came while hiking through the woods. View this post.

9.) My first corporate client led to much more work than I ever imagined. View this post.

10.) Is this real life? View this post.