Mud Productions | About
If we weren't separated by computer screens I would give you a high five and probably ask where you're from and where you want to go next. But since I can't give you a high five and you can't answer my questions right now, I'll have to pretend you came here because you want to know more about the outrageously good looking dude pictured above.

I first picked up a camera in 2003 while I studied filmmaking and motion graphics at the University of Barnes and Noble. Since then I've shot just about everything —weddings, portraits, conferences, architecture, corporate events, headshots, sports, food, products, and even a catheter but I don’t like to talk about that one...

If you poke around this site very long you'll quickly realize that my favorite type of work is movie posters and surrealism. Ultimately I want to make films, but I'm not done being a photographer just yet. After all, it's a pretty sweet gig. =)