SkylineMP_10YearsAnnouncement and Introduction

          In addition to the 10 highlights from the past 10 years I'm celebrating with 10 special offers. Each of them was chosen because they represent the type of work I truly enjoy. Let's fill the next ten years with more creativity and passion than ever before!

The following offers have been discontinued. Thanks to everyone who scored one of these deals while they lasted!
Photo by Stephen Elliot in associaiton with
1.) Referral Bonus (inspired by this post)

          Ninety-eight percent of my work has come through word of mouth. This first offer is an attempt to continue that tradition and reward those who have been kind enough to pass my name along. For this first discount I will be giving 10% off every shoot booked by March 9th, and I will be giving a 10% referral bonus to everyone who tells someone else about this offer.** In other words, you make money for spreading the word, and your friends save money because they listened to you. I dare you to find a better win-win opportunity.



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Photo by Amanda Goolsby.

2.) Private photography lessons


Today's deal is aimed at aspiring photographers. By that I mean anyone who:

  • gets frustrated when their pictures turn out dark and blurry.
  • got a DSLR recently.
  • is thinking about photography as a side job.
  • wants to hang out with me for a few hours.
  • has been asked to shoot pictures for someone but has no idea what to charge.
  • just had a baby.
  • is afraid to use their camera on Manual mode.
  • doesn't have room on their hard drive because they have too many pictures.
  • has a friend, spouse, or co-worker that fits one of the descriptions above.


I'm offering private photography lessons for $50 a pop.** You can sign up for yourself or give it to someone else as a gift. Voucher can be purchased from the Square Market. Use the promo code: HIGHFIVE during checkout.


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3.) Actor's Headshots



If you're planning to refresh your headshot this year here's a chance to save some moola. Or perhaps you know someone who is just getting started with their acting career. Whatever the story may be I'm offering actor headshots for $100 a pop.** Each shoot includes two looks and retouching of select images. Makeup not included, but I know a great makeup artist. You can purchase your voucher here. Get 'em while they're hot!




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4.) Movie Poster Design (inspired by this post)



Do you know someone who's making a film this year? If so please pass this offer along. I'm offering to shoot and design a movie poster for $250.** That's less than I would charge to shoot a promo photo, much less edit and design a poster. Do me a favor and tell your filmmaker friends about this offer while it lasts. If there is one goal I have with photography it would be to shoot and design a poster for a major motion picture. Please help me check that off my bucket list. You can purchase the voucher here.




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5.) Behind-the-Scenes Video (inspired by this post)


I'm offering to film and edit a behind-the-scenes video for $250.** It could be behind the scenes of a photo shoot, indie film, artist studio, or just about anything really. I'm antsy to play around with video again, and if I can help tell your story in the process then we both win. Voucher can be purchased here.





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Alaska-7411Alaska-7411So this baby moose is named Karen.

6.) One-day Adventure Photography (inspired by this post)


I don't know anybody that wouldn't want to have a professional photographer take photos of them on their next adventure, vacation, or day trip; but often they find it hard to justify the expense. I want to change that. For only $100** I'll join your adventure and capture the whole day with my camera. You decide where we go and what we do. Leave your camera behind and enjoy every second of the experience. Before you know it you'll be the envy of your Facebook friends. Let's go on an adventure together! You can purchase the voucher here.




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7.) Fine Art Prints for 25% off



Here's your chance to get some fresh artwork on your walls. Use the promo code "10years" (no quotes) when ordering prints from this gallery to save 25% off your total order.** 







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8.) 25% off Meeting Photography (inspired by this post)



I suggest you email all the meeting planners you know because I certainly won't be offering this discount again. I shoot meetings and conventions better than anyone else I know --maybe I'm conceited, or maybe I need to meet more people. In either case, I'd love to make your meetings look better than they ever have. ** 





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9.) 25% off Video Editing and Motion Graphics (inspired by this post)


Mud Productions initially began as a video production company, and I'm looking to get back to my roots. Whether you need an editor for a corporate video or opening credits for an independent film I'm happy to lend my services.** Check out my new Motion portfolio to see more examples. 




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Costa Rica Highlights

10.) 50% off Photography for new YPO Chapters (inspired by this post)


The Young President Organization is quite possibly the most fun organization I've ever worked for. I am extremely interested in generating more work with them, so I'm offering my photography services at half of my normal rates. I'm confident you will hire me again if you just give me a shot, so I'm backing it up with the biggest discount I've ever offered.**

Let's talk about your next adventure, YPO. You'll be glad you did.



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Terms and Conditions:

**All assignments/offers must be booked by 23:59 EST on March 16th. The work/assignment can take place any time in 2014, but it needs to be booked this month. Discounts are not applicable to expenses. Travel expenses may be applied if work is required outside the New York City Metro area. Not available for refund. Applicable offers are fully transferrable. 1.) The referral bonus will be paid (via Square Cash) upon receipt of payment from client. Bonus applies only to referrals that lead to a booking. This offer can be combined with other offers, but it will be applied after them. 6.) Adventure Photography discount is limited to a single day adventure spanning no more than 24 hours. 7.) Enter promo code during checking. Discount not applicable to shipping.