Adventure Photography is based on a simple idea: Your life is a story, and it's worth remembering.

It's shocking how much and how quickly we forget things. So many people go on incredible adventures, but in the end they remember so little of it. Photographs, however, give life to our memories and a window to the past.
Photos have become an ordinary part of our lives, but sometimes ordinary isn't good enough. Sometimes you do something so remarkable it deserves to be captured well. 
How many times have you said, "We should've gotten a picture of that," or "the photo doesn't do it justice," or "let's ask someone to get a picture of all of us"? Perhaps you've missed a moment because your camera didn't take the picture as soon as you pressed the button or you were too tired to pull the camera out of your backpack. Maybe you forgot to bring fresh batteries. The list goes on, but the problem is the same: you missed a good photograph. It's not the end of the world, but it's the end of that moment.
Imagine instead if you had a professional photographer there to capture it. The experience would be more satisfying and the memories more vivid. That's what Adventure Photography is all about. You are free to immerse yourself in the moment while I capture it.
So consider your bucket list or summer vacation and imagine what it could be like if you had a professional photographer taking pictures just for you. I guarantee you'll be glad you did.
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