Hey! I'm Stephen Elliot. I'm a professional photographer and aspiring filmmaker. I'm also...
  • Certified PADI scuba diver
  • Avid hiker and backpacker
  • Cycling enthusiast
  • All around thrill seeker
  • Currently into rock climbing
  • Still in the fall-on-your-butt phase of snowboarding
  • Eager to learn how to sail and surf
  • A fan of the Tough Mudder, but definitely not a runner
  • Married to a hot makeup artist
I love creating images and capturing moments, but honestly I'm tired of shooting board meetings, conferences, weddings, corporate headshots, award ceremonies, ad nausea...
I want to be a filmmaker. That's how this whole thing started for me and that's where I'm headed. I believe the best stories are drawn from real experiences, so my ongoing goal for now is to accumulate experiences.
If you're the kind of person who thrives on adventure I'd be honored to capture your story as we collect experiences together. Let's explore the possibilities!